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Ash: 22 years of age, Associates graduate in Psychology; stuck in Wine Country; Californian with a decade of vegetarianism under belt. A woman with great intentions. A fan of Chris McCandless, Martin Luther King Jr. and Augusten Burroughs. I wish to travel and join the Peace Corps after my studies. Interior decor and nature lover. A sucker for endless forests and coastal blues; Flowers make me weak in the knees.

The perspective of Ashley Mac on the importance of alone time:

Just because a person has felt the love and fallen for the passion of another person, alone time is a big part of a relationship that should be respected. Not only can you spend endless hours patching up the relationship by the focus of more attachment but detachment can clear the mind and open the eyes. I am sure everyone has heard, โ€œYou donโ€™t realize what you have until it is gone.โ€ The expression is true. Once something has vanished from your life, something you cherish so dearly, you can learn from it, grow from it, or let it devour you. I suggest that if a relationship is not going the way you planned, think it out, spend alone time; your concerns are important and sometimes people forget about themselves in a relationship.

It takes two people for a relationship to work. Understanding yourself and spending quality time alone may also allow you to miss what you may have lacked without that person present.

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