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Ash: 22 years of age, Associates graduate in Psychology; stuck in Wine Country, Californian with a decade of vegetarianism under my belt. A woman with great intentions. A fan of Chris McCandless, Martin Luther King Jr. and Augusten Burroughs. I wish to travel and join the Peace Corps after college. Interior decor and nature lover. A sucker for endless forests and coastal blues; Flowers make me weak in the knees.



I love everything about this set. Holy shit.


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Fire: What's something that you're more passionate about than you'd care to admit?
Dragon: Are there any "urban legends" from where you live? What are they?
Dark: Tell us about a time you had to face up to a fear.
Ghost: When is the last time you were so surprised, you gasped?
Grass: Where do you feel you belong the most?
Poison: Name something you enjoy, but that no one else seems to.
Bug: What has changed about you in the past 5 years? What has not?
Normal: What are three of your favorite things in your everyday life?
Fairy: Tell us a story. Any story.
Water: What do you do when you feel you need to be healed?
Ice: If you were to stop time to enjoy an activity, what would that thing be?
Flying: Tell us about a moment when you gained perspective in life.
Psychic: Who truly understands you?
Electric: What do you think gets you out of bed in the morning?
Rock: Name three things your life revolves around most.
Ground: Who helps you stay on the "right path"?
Steel: Name an opinion/practice you are adamant about, something you will not change.
Fighting: What is something you desperately want to change?

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This should be our least concern but somehow it became our greatest.

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Warrior Mommy Pose.


Warrior Mommy Pose.


Most people give the homeless change or leftovers, Mark Bustos is cutting their hair

For the past few months, New York City hairstylist Mark Bustos — who normally spends his days working at an upscale salon — has been volunteering on his days off to offer haircuts to homeless people he sees on the street. With a simple phrase, “I want to do something nice for you today,” he has been helping people get a fresh, uplifting makeover.

For people who have been trapped in a cycle of poverty, unemployment and homelessness, the makeover can also serve a useful function: looking presentable for a job.

Inspiring thanks he received from one man | Follow micdotcom

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I thought we agreed to never be creative again.

I fucking hate this as I reblog it to my page immediately

makes me kinda angry idk???


What is this from?

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So I’ve collected many videos of famous people doin the IBC, which is a great way to be involved into donation for a good cause. To know more about ALS and to make a donation ► Here

50 Cent

5th Harmony

Adam Sandler

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandro Del Piero

Amy Schumer


When will they learn

That was mean of him to go around and ask people stupid questions and think for a second that they are “jokes”

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if i ever stop reblogging this it’s because i’m dead and in my grave. 

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